Welcome to Automatic Art
our vision is to change the advertising production industry through technology

At AUTOMATIC ART, we expand, evolve and perfect your creative campaign through the automation of advertising production.

we deliver speed price and quality to modern production

We were born out of recognising the need for change in modern advertising.

Advertising production today has not evolved with the times or technology, remaining slow, inefficient and expensive.

Our vision is to change this.

By pairing our decades of production expertise with the latest automation technology and workflow processes, we deliver speed, quality and economy to your campaign, removing compromise so your creative ideas can truly shine.


Modernising production through automation.

We are automated advertising production specialists.

Using the latest technologies to drive the build, versioning, dispatch and processes, we reduce the time and cost of repetitive manual work while increasing brand consistency and control. Our studio is a full service offering - we apply automation to all channels across Digital, Print, Direct Marketing, Out Of Home, Point Of Sale and more.

We listen to your business needs and create a tailored, all in one production solution that utilises the best technology for your requirements. Streamlined from end-to-end, it allows you to focus on the tomorrow while we deliver the today.

This gives you efficiency. It gives you value. It gives you complete control of your brand.

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Your creative. Magnified.

Your creative integrity is at the core of our creative-first approach.

Automation is a significant weapon in your creative production arsenal. Why? So you can easily ensure your advertising is consistent across all media, campaigns and regions. It will allow you to play in more mediums, tell wider stories, reach more customers and have more one-to-one conversations.

The potential of Automation is as unlimited as your ideas.

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Meet FLEX.

Your online account manager.

Need an update on the status of a campaign? Tired of jumping between platforms to brief and approve jobs? Need campaign assets in a hurry?

Introducing FLEX, our production workflow, library and reporting system that lives online and gives you full visibility in real-time, 24/7. And because every system we design is unique to your business, we allow for any particular needs you have in the production process. Finally have access to the numbers when you need them and not when they get to you. Easily view, download and share your campaign materials. Brief, browse, approve and dispatch jobs all in the one place.

It's clean, simple and always on.

  • Flex Workflow Portal Dashboard
  • Flex Workflow Portal Campaigns
  • Flex Workflow Portal Delivery

See what's going on with your production campaigns in real-time using FLEX live data dashboards.

Master asset Library

Browse and share a central library of brand assets, images, logos, and previous campaigns.

Briefing and approval portal

Easily ensure all required information is captured and data is clearly communicated. Collaborate, mark up and approve any media with ease.


Manage all your campaigns, regions and channels in a single location.


Our Coverage

We specialise in localised automated creative production on a global scale. While our head office is based in Sydney, we utilise technology to run a virtual studio that operates in multiple time zones, servicing a worldwide client base. So no matter where you are, our services are always available.

We deliver...


Have your creative live in the market in days, not weeks.


Pixel perfect ads, every time.


Achieve savings of up to 30% on current spends.

Want results like these?

On average we've delivered the following results for our major clients to date:


Faster to


Reduction in


Production Cost

Who came up with this?

Brendon Eastlake


Some of the common questions we receive are below. Say hello on the contact page if you'd like to chat further!

  • Would automation apply to my business?

    Automation is above all a way of working smarter. We've applied our way of working from one-off online banner builds to large scale global multi-channel campaigns with thousands of deliverables. Automation is a valuable tool to optimise your current way of working, in whatever form that takes.

  • Do I need to conform my creative to set templates?

    Definitely not. We do not sell pre-packaged solutions and we believe passionately in great creative advertising. We will always start with your creative vision and brand and fiercely protect its integrity and grow its message while fully optimising the production.

  • I'm unsure about trusting technology I don't understand.

    The foundation of our business is using existing, tried and tested technologies. We're not looking to reinvent the wheel and develop expensive software that needs constant updates and maintenance. All the software we use is developed and maintained by major software companies and backed by regular updates and support. We've simply integrated them into a purpose-built production offering.

  • Is my business too large/too small for automation?

    The simplest way of looking at it is - if you're using a traditional manual production studio for your advertising and marketing, then it can be automated and improved on. We've found our processes function exceptionally well from large-scale campaign environments down to one-off online promotions, implementing greatly improved turnaround, quality and value.

  • Is the technology future-proof?

    Part of our agreement with our clients is driving efficiency improvements. We regularly review and optimise our processes to suit your evolving needs and embrace any new technologies that develop that could suit your way of working. We're not tied to an expensive self-developed software infastructure and are free to evolve with advancements in the industry and technology.


If you'd like to learn more about automated production or discuss what we can do for your business, please give us a call any time during business hours or fill out the form.

P: +61 448 936 189