our vision is to change the advertising production industry through technology

Automatic Art was born out of understanding our clients’ frustrations with creative production.

Traditional production models have failed to keep pace with technology, remaining unchanged and manual driven. This leaves them error-ridden and inefficient, offering poor value for money.

Our vision is to change this. By pairing our decades of production expertise with the latest automation technology and workflows, we optimise all your creative production needs and eliminate your biggest frustrations.

This means we do things faster, cheaper, at higher volumes and with unmatchable quality control.

Want to know what results you could achieve? Read on.

our approach



    Learn about and understand your business. Discover your pain points and what does and does not work for you.



    Examine how optimised your model is. Identify bottlenecks, roadblocks, repetitions and inefficiences. Together, introduce a working process that is suited to you.



    Introduce the perfect pairing of people and technology. Automate the majority of your creative production and continually review and implement efficiencies.


We are automated advertising production specialists.

We use the latest technologies to drive production, reducing the time and cost of repetitive manual builds while increasing brand consistency and control. The right technology, in the right hands, can do anything. Which is the foundation of what we do - matching the right tools with the right people and letting them go to work.

What does automation mean for our clients?

  • Centrally managed production
  • Fewer approvals
  • No more bottlenecks and roadblocks
  • Brand consistency
  • Unmatchable speed to market
  • Complete visibility of campaigns
  • More time for creative and strategy focus
  • Significant cost savings
  • This is not a one-size-fits-all offering. Every business has a unique way of working, our way is to understand yours and tailor a production solution your needs. Whether a self-serve structure or complete end to end production model, there are many tools and approaches to ensure that your production is optimised and your creative message is delivered intact and efficiently.

    To learn more or to catch up for a face-to-face chat, have a think about what would suit you, or contact us.



    Have your creative live in the market in hours, not weeks


    Pixel perfect ads every time


    Automation allows us to achieve savings of up to 30% on current spends for our clients


    Deliver 10 times the volume of a traditional agency in the same amount of time



    You or your team need an update on the status of a campaign. The only way to get it is by contacting an account manager and waiting for a report. We understand how frustrating that is.

    That’s why we created a production and reporting system that lives online and gives you full visibility in real-time, 24/7. And because every system we design is unique to your business, it means we allow for any particular needs you have in your production process.

    This visibility also means more collaboration between the stakeholders at your end and those producing the work at ours. No more emailing amends, chasing up colleagues for feedback, or checking in with account managers. Everything is taken care of seamlessly within the system, freeing up your time and giving you peace of mind that everything is under control.



    We specialise in localised automated creative production on a global scale. While our head office is based in Sydney, we utilise technology to run a virtual studio that operates in multiple time zones, servicing a worldwide client base. So no matter where you are, our services are always available.



    We find our clients are generally looking for one of two solutions:


    Empower regions to take charge of their own localised advertising. Your regional teams can build and run their own marketing material, guaranteed it will be high quality, on brand and to specification.

    We are the leading experts in adZU, the industry’s most powerful self-serve templating software. Our user-friendly templates customise advertising to market without compromising on creative or production quality. Easy to follow workflows, alongside strict preflighting and dynamic resize flexibility make each template simple to render to local requirements.


    Rethink how production should operate and discover automated builds and workflows. Reduce the crowd, time and cost involved and the amount of approvals and repetitive work.

    Understanding your production needs first and foremost, we build a customised automated studio solution that takes the heavy lifting out of large-scale marketing campaigns. Whether Digital Banners, Print, EDMs, Outdoor or Point-of-Sale, we have a way to optimise the process from creative to delivery and get your ads to market in days, not weeks.


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